Who I am

An enthusiast of the machines produced by Commodore Business Machines LTD primarily and my name is Carlo Pastore. In my everyday life I carry out my profession as a medical oncologist.

My passion for Commodore machines was born when I was fourteen years old and was given a Commodore 64 as a gift. All the little friends in school had personal computers by then. Computing was rampant among us teenagers and the little 64kb RAM Commodore computer was undoubtedly the most popular.

I still remember that afternoon when I came home from school and saw the computer with its cassette player and joystick on my parents’ big bed; I remember very well the sunlight lapping at the pristine box.

I spent hours and hours and hours, whole afternoons, in an effort to understand as best I could what could be done with that object. Play games yes, certainly, but also program something of their own. Oh yes, computing back then was creativity, imagination, seeing beyond.

I remember fondly the descriptions of video games on cassette tapes or in magazines; complex worlds were being created that looked much more simplified on the screen. And what the on-screen graphics lacked? It made up for the imagination.

Now you may wonder…. Why a web portal on the Commodore 65? Simply because it represents one of the darkest points of a company that developed many prototypes that were never released in commercial form but spent significant resources around the Commodore 65 really coming within a step of being presented to the public.

Then, most fascinatingly we talk about the possible sequel to the computer of my childhood that sold 20 million units making it the best-selling computer of all time.

I hope you can discover new things, enjoy browsing and grasp the passion that runs through this portal.